Bears Head Lawn Care
Professional Landscaping With Guaranteed Quality

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lawn cutting

Lawn Cutting

Weekly Or Bi-Weekly

  • We cut and maintain turf grass for a pristine lawn
  • We cut overgrown lawns and cleanup the debris
  • We can edge sidewalks, driveways and planting beds 
  • All lawn cuts include weed whacking and cleanup
weed control

Fertilizer and Weed Control

Bears Head Lawn Care is state certified to sell and apply fertilizer and herbicides

We provide full service applications of fertilizers, herbicides and fungicides 

to keep your lawn healthy and weed free

Spring/Fall Cleanup
  • We remove all fall debris including leaves and sticks
  • Springtime weeding for planting beds and lawns
  • Over grown lawns: we cut over grown lawns and clean up clippings

Lawn Renovation
We can repair and maintain any lawn or landscape
We have the tools and knowledge to build, repair and maintain beautiful lawn

Planting bed remodel and Installation

We install, repair and maintain planting beds and gardens

to fulfill your dreams and suit your specifications

House Cleaning

Now offering soft wash and power washing services